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ベーグルをつくりました。 [English diary]

I made some bagels.
I like it ;)

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美容院にいってきました。 [English diary]

I went to hairdresser.
I got hair cut for the fairst time in 8 months!!

I feel refreshed ;)

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Tue, Oct 23 [English diary]

I ate Japanese hotchpotch in a food shop.
(Japanese hotchpotch="oden")

I wanted to go the food shop, but..
Not good than I imagined:(

I was disappointed.

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Monday, October 15th [English diary]

It wishes so,and thinks so.
I wish so...

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Sunday,October14th [English diary]

I bought a "momo oolong super grade".
It is Oolong tea with white peach flavor.

I wonder if it is tasty:)

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Saturday,October 13 [English diary]

I could sleep very well.
But I am still tired.

I am not good feeling. Ooooo:’(

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How was today? [English diary]

I worked today.

Recently, I am so tired.
So, I will sleep tomorrow.

Have a good weekend:D

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OKONOMI YAKI [English diary]

We ate okonomi-yaki at dinner.
Food shop name is "YUKARI".

Do you know it?

Thank you for the delicious meal!!

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3day weekend [English diary]

I could make a reservation at the hotel.
I was relieved,because it would be difficult to do it in 3day weekend.

It is tomorrow. We will eat lunch at near tokyo sta. 
Then at 15:00 we will go to the hotel.

On sunday.
We will go to kasairinkai-park!! 


Have a nice 3day weekend!!

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Give me a break!! [English diary]

Monday July,23.
Today was rain day.

I have a cold.
My nose is running.

Give me a break!!

You take care about a cold.

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